About Us

Hi, and welcome once again! Here's a little about us...

This website is the private project of David and Monica Day. We are both members of the NY/NJ Trail Conference, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Appalachian Mountain Club, and the Green Mountain Club. We established and have co-lead the NY/NJ Trail Conference’s West Jersey Crew since 2000, and still active on occasion with the TC's West of Hudson South Crew (working in the lower Hudson Valley region). We are also known to join in with other crews in the area, or act as presenters at trail construction skills workshops. In case you have not figured it out, we are 'into' trail work in a big way. We really enjoy the work -- it is such a huge difference from the hi-tech world we spent our work world in. When we are not working on the trails, we are hiking on them year round (and often as not, taking mental notes of work that needs to be done...) Thanks for the nice picture, Larry!

Monica is an avid hiker, backpacker and back country skier. She has been doing trail work with the NY/NJ Trail Conference for over 30 years. A graduate of the Student Conservation Association Leadership training program, she has been a crew leader with the NY/NJ Trail Conference's West Hudson Crew for many years. Monica has prepared and delivered workshops in trail construction skills for the Trail Conference on several occasions. She is retired from a career as an Oracle applications developer for a private consulting firm.

David is also an avid hiker, backpacker and photographer. He has been doing organized trail work regularly with the NY/NJ Trail Conference for over 25 years, originally working and learning with the prolific West Hudson crew. Along the way he has developed a real passion for rock work. David also participates in delivering trail construction workshops and chainsaw operator classes for the Trail Conference. He has contributed articles to various publications, and this website is largely his project. He is a retired Database Administrator and data systems programmer.

Our Awards

It really does mean so much to us to be recognized, especially by our respected peers and friends.

Thank you all! David & Monica

NY/NJ Trail Conference

-2001 William Hoeferlin Award (Monica)

-2001 William Hoeferlin Award (David)

American Hiking Society

-2004 Volunteer Of The Year Award, State of New Jersey (Monica)

-2004 Volunteer Of The Year Award, State of New Jersey (David)

American Trails

-2013 National Trails Award - Trail Worker, State of New Jersey (Monica)

-2013 National Trails Award - Trail Worker, State of New Jersey (David)

NY/NJ Trail Conference

-2019 Paul Leiken Award - Extra Mile Award (with the West Jersey Trail Crew)