7.2 Select and Prepare Equipment
  • Ensure all safety and first aid requirements are considered prior to the start of construction. Determine the hazard rating for the trail construction project. Refer to standard safety requirements manuals.

  • Use hatchets, saws, axes, power saws, clippers (long handled preferably). Mattocks, hammers (for nailing markers on trees), brush cutters. Some people prefer to use the back of a hatchet instead of a hammer since the hatchet can also be used for removing small branches which may obscure the marker (thus enabling one to do two things with one tool).

  • Sharpen all tools and ensure they are in first-class condition. Carry an extra saw blade for Swede saws, and files for sharpening tools. Power saws require extra gas (mixed with oil), extra oil for the chain, tools to tighten the chain and a round file for sharpening the teeth.

  • Supply a First Aid Kit. Leaders must impress upon all participants the hazards involved, and ask them to use extra care.

  • Use work gloves and other protective wear such as hard hat, face and ear sound protection when using power tools.