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The links listed here may or may not have anything to do with trail work, but are items which may be of use or interest to you.  We have no vested interest in any of these sites; they are either outdoor activity sites, sites of friends, or other outdoor 'techie' sites we have found interesting.  Some of them are commercial ventures, some are not.  


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Crystal Creek Llamas

These folks are friends from the Spokane, WA area.  They introduced me to llamas and llama packing several years ago in the Eagle's Cap Wilderness Area (in the NE corner of Oregon).  Llamas are wonderful creatures and very trail-worthy companions!  There is a growing use of llamas as pack animals here in the east, so give them a look to see what they are doing.  They also have several links.

File Extension Glossary Nothing to do with trailwork... I just thought this was something that would be handy when you are trying to figure what the heck application that file is from.
Grand Canyon - October 2002 In October, we participated in a pair of "Canyon Natural History" classes presented by the Grand Canyon Field Institute.  The classes each took the form of a 6-day backpack down into the canyon with an instructor.  These are the photos we have accumulated from the various participants.  Enjoy!

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

GORP is a great resource for outdoor recreation information, opinions, action alerts, etc.  They are associated with Outdoor Magazine and some other commercial stuff, and this is not an endorsement of anything they are selling.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a 2,400-acre natural area straddling the Kittatinny Ridge in eastern Pennsylvania.  The Sanctuary has become an international center for conservation, education, and research about raptors.

Highlands Coalition The Central Appalachian Highlands stretch from Pennsylvania to Connecticut.  In our area, they include such areas as the Ramapo Mountains, Hudson Highlands, Schunemunk Mountain and Black Rock Forest.  They are the last best refuge for wildlife as well as for people who want to “get away from it all”, and they are the irreplaceable source of much of our drinking water.

Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club

A Long Island area hiking club that friends of ours belong to.

National Park Service

Start here for all the info the NPS has on line.  There's a great deal on some fronts, and painfully little on others.

On The Loose Expeditions

Beth Whiting & Bruce Hennessey are the Owners/Guides at this Vermont - based enterprise.  We met Bruce when he was a winter mountaineering skills instructor at AMC's Winter School a couple year ago.  We've been on one of their weekend yurt-based events, and they are a class act!

SOLO Wilderness First Aid

EVERYBODY who goes into the woods should get themselves to a SOLO WFA class.  What you know could make a life-and-death difference -- and the life you save could be your own!

Student Conservation Association

The SCA literally wrote the book on trail building.  "Lightly On The Land" should be on the top of every trail worker's must read list.

The Last Place

Here is the ultimate link for getting away!

Trail Services

(Lester Kenway)

In every activity there are those who really know what they are doing.  If you need expert advice or guidance, or if you need top-notch crew gear, Lester is about as good as it gets! 

Views from the Top:

( Northeast Trails Conditions)

A newsgroup style posting of first-hand trail condition reports for the Northeast. 

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