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Last updated: 12/28/2007 -- Please let us know if you find any of these links to be inoperative or changed.


Some of these are "Zipped" to bundle their instructions in with them, or just to make them smaller.  You probably have some kind of unzipping program, but if not, grab WinZip.  The version I have here is not the latest - get that from from

2xExplorer (if you work in Windows, you want this free replacement for Windows Explorer!)

Editor2 (the companion editor to 2xExplorer)

PKunzip (when all else fails, get out the DOS version)

PKzip (when all else fails, get out the DOS version) 

PKzipFix (when things get really rough, you might rescue things with this)

WinZip (older trial version of the current best-in-class)

WinZip Command Line (command line add-on to WinZip)

PDF Reader (not Adobe!!!) 

WS-FTP Client (free-ware 'lite' version)
HTML CD AutoRun Launch Utility (public domain program by David)
PopUpStopper (free version, but it works pretty well)


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