The new Dunnfield Creek Bridge in New Jersey's Worthington State Forest

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Our wish is to make this site an informative clearing house for ideas, projects and schedules as well as a gathering place for planners, builders, maintainers and interested users of hiking trails.  We'd like it to be a place where we can share ways of protecting the wild areas, while keeping them accessible, through careful design, implementation and maintenance of trails.


Like most trail work projects, this site is a continuing work in progress...  We will be changing and growing this site as the community around it grows and new ideas come to light.  Let us hear from you! 



Please participate in this project!


If you or your organization have trail construction or maintenance projects, or are looking for trail workers, send your information along.  We'll be more than happy to include you in the appropriate areas.


The same goes for articles you may have of your own, or on your group's website.  If you have a story, an article or pictures related to trail work, or ideas on how things might be done - send them along.  You may send them either as MS-Word, plain text, HTML files or as a link (we need valid copyright releases for whatever you send).


If you have information on trail building or trail maintenance related sites, please send the references to us and we will review them for inclusion.  



Thanks for stopping by - See you on the trails!


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