Bob's Connector Trail
[ a.k.a. Wildcat Ridge Trail ]

[ NY/NJ Trail Conference's West Hudson Crew ]


Here are some photos from the new construction this Fall on the Wildcat Ridge ("Bob's Connector") Trail project in Sterling Forest.  Once again, the NY/NJ Trail Conference's West of Hudson South Trail Crew had a great crew of volunteer men & women working on this.  Work remains - so contact the leader if you'd like to join in.

Last Updated: 07/09/2003

DX-18A.JPG (141374 bytes) A stream crossing.  The stream came down at this point and split over an outcropping of bedrock, so the entire crossing had to be done as a built up construction using rocks that will (hopefully) withstand the ravages of Winter and Spring runoff.
DX-21A.JPG (123559 bytes) Since there was no way to lower the water (it is flowing over the ledge at this point), we had to raise the trail.  What we ended up doing was creating a waterway between two large rocks, which will serve as takeoff and landing places for the step across.  The pick-mattock is in the picture for scale.
DX-19A.JPG (138038 bytes) There really is a stream down there!  It's small this time of year, but come Spring, who knows...
DX-22A.JPG (132700 bytes) And this is some of the crew, defining the tread from the rubble of the old logging road that traverses the way up.  There is a great deal of work in that kind of job, waterbars, steps, terraces, and just generally making the loose jumble of sub-road rocks stable, safe, and reasonable to work on.

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