Design and Construction of the
Pochuck Quagmire Bridge
A Suspension Timber Bridge

COVER (PDF 202k)

Executive Summary (PDF 38k)
Project Summary (PDF 449k)
Introduction (PDF 198k)
Engineering Challenges to Overcome (PDF 18k)
Bridge Design Alternatives (PDF 22k)
Historical Significance of Suspension Bridges to the Appalachian Trail (PDF 22k)
USDA Forest Service's Use of Suspension Bridges (PDF 19k)
Suspension Bridge Nomenclature (PDF 19k)
Design Standards (PDF 65k)
Design and Construction of the Bridge Towers (PDF 12k)
Tower Installation (PDF 1,116k)
Foundation Design and Construction (PDF 191k)
Review of other Timber Tower Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Foundations (PDF 1,196k)
The Pochuck Quagmire Bridge "Snowshoe" Foundation (PDF 5,130k)
The "Snowshoe" (PDF 1,503k)
Backstay Anchorages (PDF 479k)
Helical Anchors The Solution (PDF 1,004k)
Bridge Walkway-Stiffening Truss Railing Design and Construction (PDF 2,557k)
The Project "Comes Together" (PDF 209k)
Bridge Walkway Camber (PDF 390k)
Cable Saddles (PDF 195k)
Catenary Cable Geometry (PDF 9k)
Floodwater Clearance (PDF 875k)
Identifying the 100-Year Flood Level (PDF 415k)
The Main Cables Catenary Cables (PDF 207k)
Spelter Sockets (PDF 1,531k)
Suspender Design and Installation (PDF 4,489k)
A Practical Lesson "The Hard Way" (PDF 2,212k)
Aerial Bridge Assembly (PDF 4,059k)
Final Cable Tuning (PDF 2,918k)
Decking and Stairs (PDF 1,275k)
Field Modifications (PDF 1,277k)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance (PDF 12k)
Environmental Integrity (PDF 9k)
Aesthetics (PDF 1,008k)
Project Supervision and Labor Force (PDF 1,008k)
Site Access (PDF 10k)
Public Safety, Worker Safety, and Project Partner Risk Management (PDF 12k)
Public Safety (PDF 12k)
User Education (PDF 9k)
Project Safety Plan Worker Safety (PDF 23k)
Insurance (PDF 25k)
Project Engineering (PDF 12k)
Long-Term Maintenance (PDF 9k)
Project Value Accounting (PDF 12k)
Summary of Construction Costs (PDF 12k)
Material & Equipment Cost Breakdown (PDF 15k)
Peoplepower Breakdown: Bridge-Specific Construction Only (PDF 12k)
Peoplepower Breakdown Discussion (PDF 10k)
Project Cost Tabulation Exclusions (PDF 13k)
Preliminary Project Cost Estimates (PDF 19k)
Project Volunteers (PDF 1,143k)
20-20 Hindsight (PDF 12k)
Conclusion (PDF 11k)

  1. Health and Safety Plan (PDF 24k)
  2. AASHTO Guide Specifications (PDF 16k)
  3. Material List (PDF 13k)
  4. Tools (PDF 10k)
  5. Sources of Information on Material (PDF 9k)
  6. References (PDF 13k)
  7. Literature Listing (PDF 9k)
  8. Examples of Other Pedestrian Suspension Bridges in the United States (PDF 9,888k)

  1. Pochuck Quagmire Bridge, Profile View and Plan View (PDF 367k)
  2. Walkway Cross Section A-A Detail and Walkway Truss Segment Detail (PDF 153k)
  3. Handrail Detail, Stair Section C-C, and Stair Detail (PDF 401k)
  4. West Tower, River View (PDF 279k)
  5. Pole Footing Connection and Lower Chord Joint Detail (PDF 306k)
  6. Cable Saddle Detail and Walkway Edge Detail (PDF 284k)
  7. Primary Anchorage Power Installed Screw Anchor (PDF 252k)
  8. Cross Stringer Suspender Detail (PDF 250k)